Mission Statement

    Global Christian Mission Outreach is an independent non-profit (501(c)3) Christian outreach, working together across denominational lines to carry the message of Jesus Christ to the people of Haiti, and to the world beyond. We are dedicated to Christ’s mission of making new disciples, and with them we serve by building new churches and schools to evangelize and educate – that people may KNOW CHRIST. We build medical clinics and nutrition programs - that people may GROW IN CHRIST. And we lead the lost to Christ – that they too may GO WITH CHRIST, to make new generations of dedicated disciples.

    Our Vision

    Global Christian Mission Outreach - our vision is to be light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

    Where We Are

    Global Christian Mission Outreach has its stateside headquarters in Milroy, IN. In Haiti, we have churches in Delmas located in west of Haiti, Carrefour located in west of Haiti, Cambry located in South of Haiti, Fonfrede, located in South of Haiti, Tom-Gato in South East of Haiti, Ferme Leblanc in South of Haiti,

    Saut-D'eau located in the Central Plateau, and Jeremie located in South west of Haiti which is also called Grand'Anse.

    Who We Are

    Global Christian Mission Outreach is an independent Christian organization that is most closely associated with the Christian Church/ Church of Christ. We are Christians only, while recognizing that we are not the only Christians. We are non-denominational in that we have no creed but Christ, and we do not follow the teachings of any person not contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible as practice, or for leading unto salvation. We believe that the Old and New Testaments (the Bible) are given by God, and is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training inrighteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

    We are simply Christians who follow the teachings of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) and strive to be faithful to, and teach the commandments given to us by Jesus Christ. This is done that salvation may be offered to all people so that God may be glorified through all people (2 Cor. 4:15). We do not see sharing the Gospel as a special calling, but an instruction for each and every individual who follows Jesus Christ. We recognize that every Christian is commissioned to carry the Gospel messageand teach all that Jesus has commanded, even to the entire world (Matthew 28:18-20). There are no exceptions to this Great Commission. This, however, does not preclude a special calling within one’s commission to a specific service or location on the mission field.
    As Christians seeking to take the good news of the Gospel to the world, we are also dedicated toproviding opportunities for all Christian followers of Jesus to experience their faith in another culture.Many times this experience is life-changing for the individual, and leads to a deeper dedication in their faith, missions’ service, and service at home – leading to a greater hunger and ability to share the Gospel.

    Global Christian Mission Outreach has a staff of experienced and dedicated Christians both on the mission field and in support in the United States. Many have served in Haiti through short-term mission trips for over twenty-five years. And in Haiti, only Haitian Nationals serve full-time. We are dedicated to Jesus Christ, to the commission of His Gospel, to the people of Haiti, and to the world beyond. We would love to have you join us, to serve with us to bring glory to our Father through Jesus Christ.

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