Where We Are

    Global Christian Mission Outreach is a non-denominational Christian Mission that is most closely affiliated with the Christian Church/ Church of Christ. We serve our Lord Jesus Christ while working across denominational lines, welcoming and working with all people of faith that claim Jesus as both Lord and Christ; and follow all that He has commanded us as taught in the New Testament. We are non-sectarian, believing that we are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only. We have no creed but Christ, and We believe that the Bible is the unfailing inspired word of God. 

    We believe that we (all Christians) have been given the Gospel message - the message of Salvation - that Jesus died for our sins, was crucified and was buried, and on the third day was raised to life by the Holy Spirit and power of God. We believe that we are commissioned to carry that Gospel to all the world. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the living power of God in the life of every believer, who empowers and equips us to do the work that Jesus has commanded us to do. We believe the Gospel - therefore we proclaim the Gospel - knowing that to remain silent would be the equivalent to denying the very resurrection of Christ.

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