Why Go on a Mission Trip

    There is nothing more rewarding than sharing your faith, strength, gifts, talents, and your time with a people who are so very appreciative.  The Haitian people are the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere, and yet, they have one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. The people are friendly and always eager to help.
    We offer a seven-day and a ten-day Christ-centered short-term mission trip that is very affordable and designed to accomplish your group’s goals, while meeting the needs of the Haitian people, and our ministry goals.  For all our trip listings, the cost of the trip does not include the cost of the ministry items that your team will need during your stay. Usually teams use fund-raising events to off-set the cost of the trip and ministry items.
    The seven-day trips start at just $889 per person including airfare! The ten-day trips start at just $971 per person including airfare!  Prices vary based on your specific travel needs. Do you need a domestic flight? Or, will you be driving to Florida? All flights to Haiti originate in Ft. Pierce, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami, Florida.  You also have choices in housing while in Haiti which also affects the cost of your trip (you can discuss this and all your team’s needs with an experienced Team Leader for more details). We use both commercial airlines and Missionary Flights International based on their availability.
    While in Haiti all meals are included.  You will be introduced to authentic Haitian Cuisine at its best.  We also provide bottled water and /or purified water for your protection, as well as sodas with lunch and dinner meals.
    All trips are custom suited to meet the needs of your group:  Whether medical, dental, construction, leadership training, or children’s programs – we can provide the perfect opportunity for you to serve.  Enjoy an early morning Haitian prayer meeting, preaching in one of our churches, and morning and evening team devotions each day. You will live your stay in Haiti, as you wish every day could be back home!
    We are here to serve the Haitian people, and to help you serve our awesome God!  Each trip is an impacting experience for young and old alike. Send us a contact message Today!

    What to expect

    For each team traveling to Haiti, we attempt to incorporate some of the same elements
    into every trip. Even though each trip is different, and the personalities making up each group is
    different, we want all teams to experience certain things; such as, Haitian worship and church
    services, daily devotion times, home visitations, a Haitian market, and so much more.

    To get an overview of what a trip may be like, download the “Team Member Manual”
    which contains a good overview of what to expect.

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